FriendFeed Accelerates?

I’ve been getting a lot of FriendFeed notifications about new people subscribing to my feed. Based on anecdotal comments from people I have talked with, it appears I am not alone and that makes me wonder what is happening that is suddenly causing a bump in activity. Could it be Facebook’s own efforts to do something similar raising awareness?

FriendFeed is like Facebook’s news feed. But it’s more of a dynamic conversation among close friends about what they’re up to all over the web — and not so much a social network.

[From Friendfeed, the best software for conversations, raises round and launches publicly » VentureBeat]

3 thoughts on FriendFeed Accelerates?

  1. yea, i’ve noticed it too jeff – i think its an easier way to keep up w/ my friends who tend to be doing things all over the web vs just in one place: video, photos, tweets, posts, feeds etc…

    simplicity & openness make it the aggregation tool of choice (at the moment at least)…

  2. I do appreciate the simplicity of FriendFeed. Additionally, I feel here could be the potential for an AIR application similar to Twhirl to track status and post comments. However, this would all depend on an api of some sort.

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