Maybe They Should Talk to the RIAA

“As network and affiliates, we both have an interest in slowing down the explosive growth of DVRs. This is about combating DVRs. As we developed this at every stage, there was an agreement that however we put this together, disabling the fast-forward function was key.”

[From Techdirt: Dear ABC, You Don’t Compete With TiVo By Making A Product Worse]

I swear you just can’t make stuff up this good. I can se some of the logic that the broadcasters and cable execs are using, which is if you have video on demand built in with these features, then people will overlook what DVRs are providing at additional cost. However, this same logic relies on an assumption that in an environment with easily obtained competitive product that provide a superior feature set, that customers will still sit on their butts and not do anything.

I always find it ironic that large and successful businesses seriously think they can compete by restricting customer choices and benefits. It reminds me of the RIAA’s near decade long fight against downloadable music. Rarely have we seen so much money spent on a technology, DRM, who’s sole role it was to restrict customer behaviors and provide no ancillary benefits. As we sit here today on the verge of the music industry abandoning their failed DRM attempts, the broadcaster and cable industry is poised to start another war on the consumer that will too end in failure.

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