SF Muni Has Connected Bus, Still Runs Late

This is a case of the plumber fixing the jiggly handle on the toilet while the sink shoots out water from a broken fixture. No doubt the City, and Cisco, is proud of it’s new high tech bus but without question most passengers would prefer the buses simply run on time. The erratic performance is the single biggest reason why I won’t use the system when I’m in SF even though I prefer to use BART when my schedule keeps me around Market St.

BTW, the touch-screen displays will look like crap in less than a month.

The bus of the future has arrived in San Francisco, and while it doesn’t drive itself, fly over crowded intersections or necessarily even arrive on time, it does offer free Wi-Fi access, touch-screen maps on the walls and connecting transit information.

[From Muni’s ‘Connected Bus’ is about to go online]

SF Chronicle Downsizes – Literally

If this trend continues we can resort to calling the Chronicle not a newspaper but a newsbrochure. My suggestion would be to give up the print edition completely and focus 100% of the efforts online…

Beginning next week, the paper will institute three changes intended to reduce printing costs without compromising newsgathering resources or news space.