We Don’t Need No Stinkin Bloggers

We received an interesting email today from Business Wire, a press release wire service that Warren Buffett bought in March 2006. Currently Business Wire is ranked about #32 on the Techmeme Leaderboard, which puts it above some top tech blogs (but not ReadWriteWeb, which is ranked #6 currently). The email claimed that companies and marketers can use Business Wire to bypass journalists and bloggers to get into key news sources like Techmeme and search engine results too. Is this true?

[From PR Wire Service to Journalists & Bloggers: We Don’t Need You – ReadWriteWeb]

When was the last time you read a press release and said “gee that’s a good one, I’m gonna bookmark it”? Nuff said.

National Geographic Launches Widgets

NGM redesigned their website and included a couple of really cool widgets that NewsGator is serving up for them. These are great examples of how you can engage site visitors with multimedia content that is compelling and ultimately time consuming. The name of the game for advertising supported websites is time spent and anything that serves to keep visitors engaged with your site or site content (more on that in a minute) is good news for publishers.

Increasingly it is obvious that people want to surround themselves with content as opposed to going to destination sites. Aggregators and portals used to be the only way people could do this and it was almost always dominated by simple text, but today we see the rise of the start page and the impact that blogs are having on content redistribution.

The good news for publishers is that when they distribute content via widgets they are getting credit for important metrics like time spent and to a lesser degree, impressions. What this means for our customers is that when you click on the next image button on either other the widgets below you are ticking the counter on ngm.com and providing them with a means by which they can monetize this content outside of their website.

Downside of Buying a Supercar

Eventually, I eventually make up outrageous answers—answers that seem to be more in line with people’s expectations. They’re more than willing to believe that an R8 can go 250 mph and is handmade in Switzerland by Enzo Ferrari’s illegitimate granddaughter.

[From Downside of Buying a Supercar – Audi R8 Crowds – Mike Allen – Popular Mechanics]

maybe it’s just gearheads, but I think that’s pretty funny.