Slashdot Founder Questions Crowds Wisdom

I just don’t find Digg that relevant to my little world… but when it’s a slow news day I go to page 12 on Digg just to find the weird crap that escapes broader attention.

Mr. Malda said that Digg must move to deemphasize that vocal minority in the overall voting. But then it would inevitably alienate its core user base. “All these sites start with a nucleus of dedicated people. Then as the gawkers join in you see a dilution. People who were there originally feel alienated and feel that the thing they helped created is being perverted.”

“I try not to paint Digg as my arch-nemesis. The Digg method and Digg community are a wider audience than Slashdot,” he said. “But with sites like Digg, it’s the wisdom of the crowds or the tyranny of the mob. You never know what you’re going to get.”

[From Slashdot Founder Questions Crowds Wisdom – Bits – Technology – New York Times Blog]

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2 thoughts on Slashdot Founder Questions Crowds Wisdom

  1. I mod this +1 Insightful. The heart of the problem is the moderation systems on both Slashdot or Digg. For the most part, each comment can be either Good or Bad, and is marked up or down appropriately. This is one of those cases where social networking can be a heavy influencer, with Reputation and Trust being factors in how a comment or post is moderated for your eyes.

    I wrote about this in more detail awhile ago, but IMO a decent mod system is still out there, waiting to be created.

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