Amazon Supports Cell Phones for Soldiers

Amazon is including prepaid mailers with their shipments that can be used to recycle your old cell phones in support of the Cell Phones for Soldiers program.

This organization, started by two teenagers in Mass with $21 of their own money, and has since raised over $1 million and provided 400,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving overseas.

While you are waiting for your Amazon order to arrive so you can send in your old cell phone, check out this emotional new commercial for the U.S. Marines.

PS- When you are watching the copious news reports about the tragic death of actor Heath Ledger this last week, remember the 6 U.S. servicemen that died this week in Iraq and Afghanistan (please don’t forget the war underway in that country just because the news from Iraq is good). These men died in selfless service to their country, they should be remembered and honored.