I finally bought an EVDO card for my Mac. So far it’s been a great experience, the expresscard driver software is already in Leopard so I didn’t have to load anything, basically it was as simple as taking the card out of the box, inserting it in the slot, and clicking on the “connect” menu item that displayed in the menu bar icon that showed up when I inserted the card.

It’s fast, definitely the best wireless experience I’ve had through a non-wifi network. Verizon’s EVDO costs $60 a month, in addition to the cost of the card, but that’s a small price to pay for widely available fast wireless connectivity.

I work from a lot of different places and hoping to find a wifi connection just wasn’t cutting it. Also, I am finding that wifi is increasingly not free in many public places therefore EVDO is a good hedge against wifi inflation. While my favorite hotel in Denver, The Monaco, offers free in room wifi, a significant number of hotels still don’t so when I’m traveling I no longer have to subject myself to the irritation of paying $10 or more for a 24 hour wifi connection.

The only thing that is kind of annoying is the blinking green light on the card, I may put a piece of tape over it.

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5 thoughts on EVDO

  1. re: blinking green light… don’t you just love tech solutions to high tech annoyances?


  2. Along with the blinking light, the other annoyance is where to stow the cable/USB dongle when one is moving around with the laptop – some apply velcro the back side of the Mac screen to attach the USB dongle. Anyone have a better approach?

  3. The new Kyocera KR2 is now shipping. The KR2 replaces the venerable KR1 and improves upon it by using a WiFi N radio and adding an expresscard slot.

    Much more info in our full Kyocera KR2 Router Review at http://www.EVDOinfo.com/KR2

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