Fixed Gmail

On my own… no thanks to Google. I was unable to get to the gmail login screen even after blowing out the cache, deleting the cookie, doing a dance and sacrificing a baby goat. The gmail community forum was useless and absent of any apparent contact mechanism I put out a call for help here and on Twitter.

Thanks to Zoli, Jake, and Steve for stepping up to help with Google contacts.

As I was writing an email to Jeff Huber I had a thought… what if I went into another Google app and tried to backdoor into gmail? So into google docs I went, clicked on the gmail link and whatdayaknow, it loaded. It is still a mystery why the app thought it was undergoing maintenance and would not reset.

To be really objective, this isn’t a big inconvenience, the sun still rose this morning, but what this does suggest is that Google’s apps are starting to show some cracks. Indeed, I received several emails from people saying that they have noticed unexplained behaviors in Google apps and suspect performance in recent months.

Google’s greater ambitions of gaining significant application market share will surely be frustrated if the company doesn’t rethink their approach to customer support. Simply put, it is awful. Being free shouldn’t mean fend for yourself… they are getting paid for these apps, just not by users.

3 thoughts on Fixed Gmail

  1. “Delete browser cache, clear all cookies” is the first answer I pretty much ALWAYS get from any support organization, even if it’s 100% clear that it is not going to help (e.g., recently in the case of an expired SSL certificate for a secure website).

    Instead of blowing away the cache/cookies “just in case,” I usually just try a different browser and/or computer.

  2. Oliver,
    The strange aspect of this glitch is that I did try different computers and still had the problem. Clearly, there was something on the gmail login screen that was causing this glitch for me, but when I went into the app from a different direction it reset.

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