Quick Hits

  • I noticed that Dennis was using snurl.com instead of tinyurl to post links on Twitter, I’ve been using it now and have to say that it is much much better, mostly just quicker, for reducing urls.
  • I have been trying to find utility in the Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin for WordPress. So far no luck. Maybe if I posted items that had addresses or wanted to quickly link to merchant sites, but for this blog it has proven itself to be mostly worthless. I have yet to find the Flickr images it matches to my posts to be relevant at all.
  • Here is a really good article that begins to describe what we, NewsGator, are doing with all the attention data we are collecting.
  • Can anyone recommend good authoritative sites on online advertising? I am sponging up as much information on this subject as possible.
  • Hosted OpenAds looks really cool.

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