Gmail is Seriously Borked

For the second time in as many months, I am having serious Gmail problems.

  1. People are telling me that gmail is replying to them that “your message may not have been delivered”. I know for fact that not all messages are being delivered because I sent one to myself that never got there.
  2. Performance is shitty.
  3. I managed to catch an error code #102 during one hiccup.

As is the case with free services, help is limited to what the community is capable of providing… no one to call at Google for help.

Update: Told ya…

5 thoughts on Gmail is Seriously Borked

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  2. “no one to call at Google for help”

    That there is Google’s biggest weakness for penetrating SMB with their apps. We publish our phone number and give opur customers a name and, though they rarely use it, they sleep better knwing they can reach someone in case of a problem.

  3. That last comment is a pitch- I’d drop it.
    However the complete inability to contact the Goog is a big issue. The latest version of Safari breaks autocomplete in Gmail, a major problem (you have to select ‘older version’ to fill in from your contacts!). I tried in vain to find any way to tell them about this bug. No luck.
    They need to get a lot better at customer service- it is non-existent now including in their ad programs.

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