Gizmodo’s Prank at CES

I guess I need to weigh in on the Gizmodo CES prank because, well, I need to pump up my Techmeme ranking (just kidding Gabe). The Gear Diary post doesn’t have a lot of links to it yet so rather than linking to the Gizmodo post and getting lost in the noise, I’ll link to Gear Diary.

Actually, I didn’t think much of this until I watched the video. Gizmodo may have called it a prank, but what they really did was fuck with hard working people doing their jobs and that ain’t cool. If you have ever done live demos you know the anxiety that technical disruptions cause, this is only made even worse by the knowledge that it wasn’t a technical glitch at all but someone who thinks it’s a joke.

I can only imagine that Gizmodo would not have the same sense of humor if I were to be invited to guest blog and instead deleted all their content.

This was not just a stupid high school prank that had been perpetrated on a faceless victim. This was sabotage that had been done to companies with massive financial investments in their CES appearances. The potential for lost sales, loss of good will, and loss of face was huge.

[From Total and Utter Crap: Gizmodo’s Stupid CES Prank on Motorola and Us Bloggers at Gear Diary]