9 VCs You’re Gonna Want to Avoid

Too funny. I’m listing #1 through 3 as a teaser, click the link to get the rest. This list is made all the more funny by the fact that we all know someone who fits one of the types, or several, or maybe even one for each.

I was reminded of the meeting I had with one VC (when I was on the other side of the table raising money) where he spent the first 25 minutes of our 1 hour telling me how smart he was, how much money he had made, and that he only does 1 deal a year because when he invests in something it is definitely going to be big… I think he would be a #6.

1) Mr. Armchair. He’s a Friday afternoon Chairman. He knows exactly what he’d do as board member of facebook, Google, MySpace.,YouTube. Too bad his portfolio company’s don’t get the same enthusiastic coverage.

2) Mr. One-Hit-Wonder. Yes he sold Postage.com for $200 million (and kept $15 million) so if you wanna hear war stories from the ’90s, take this GSB alum’s money.

3) Mr. Spray-n-Pray. He cites being founding CEO as his Operations experience. (Translation: He was a interim CEO for his last venture firm before company/portfolio implosion and subsequent fund implosion. His fund is a catch-all and he tries to participate in every Sequoia backed deal.

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