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RSS does for content what REST did for APIs, loose coupling and removes state as a barrier by making the “package” self-contained.

NewsGator Wants You!

It’s true, we’re growing and we want you!

You are an experienced software sales person. You just drained your 2007 sales pipeline and are frustrated with the lack of growth of your existing company. You want to join a well funded company with great products, loads of referenceable customers, in a market that is exploding. Plus – you want to hang with people that know how to have fun.

If you fit any of the following parameters, NewsGator is looking for you.

* Experienced field sales candidates
o NYC/NJ with Wall Street experience
o NYC/NJ with Pharma experience
o Bay Area with IT
o Chicago or Dallas
* Inside sales candidates in Denver
* Pre-Sales candidates in NYC
* Demand Generation specialist – Denver

You can email me or jobs@newsgator.com.

[From Feld Thoughts – It’s January – Do You Know Where Your New Job Is?

Hollywood CEOs Fear Internet’s “Greater Exact Accounting”

Seems like this is breaking out all of the web, we went from measuring audience by sampling to measuring the actual audience, then moved away from measuring whether or not someone was there to were they paying attention and for how long, and now we are moving beyond attention to interaction, as in what exactly are they doing with our content.

As it relates to the Hollywood writers strike, I never sized it up in these terms but now that I have it makes a lot more sense to me.

In the new “Internet” age, for the first time, very exact accounting will be possible. Of course the advertisers will demand such exact accounting. Servers will be able to count the “hits” on any download very exactly. So potential residuals can potentially be calculated to the fraction of a dollar.

[From Deadline Hollywood Daily » Eric Bogosian: Hollywood CEOs Fear Internet’s “Greater Exact Accounting”]

WebGuild Using Questionable Tactics To Promote Events

Baran is demonstrating a gross misunderstanding of the distinction between copyright and trademark law with the following suggestion. You download or share music that you don’t have a rights for, well that’s copyright law… take someone else’s trademark and use it as your own, that’s trademark law.

At this point the “web 2.0” label could be argued to be in the public domain given how often it is used and the fact that, to my knowledge, the trademark that O’Reilly owns has not been enforced, Tim has pretty much let it fall into the public. Having said that, O’Reilly has invested in and built equity in his Web 2.0 Conference and Web 2.0 Summit, so I wouldn’t expect him to give a pass to Baran.

At any rate, I just find it confusing and would prefer that WebGuild not attempt to use deception as a sales tactic.

“I also spoke to Baran on the phone. He said that his conference names are descriptive of the content and perfectly valid. Any legal attempts by O’Reilly or Carson to stop him from using the names, he said, would be comparable to the RIAA suing people for copying music. In short, he was unapologetic, and he also claimed that he was unaware that O’Reilly tried to contact him.”

[From WebGuild Using Questionable Tactics To Promote Events]

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Elections vs. Primaries or My Dog Ate My Homework

Mainstream media coverage of elections, U.S. and international is deplorable. In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Sen. Hillary Clinton said this:

“If President Musharraf wishes to stand for election, then he should abide by the same rules that every other candidate will have to follow.”

Blitzer skipped over this comment unaware, as apparently Clinton was, that Musharraf was elected as President of Pakistan in October 2007, and that the upcoming election Bhutto was to run in was for the country’s Prime Minister. Musharraf is not on any ballot. Seriously, politics aside for a minute, if our major media sources can’t even get the basics like what election an assassinated leader was going to run in right, when reporting or interviewing a leading presidential candidate, then how can anyone trust their reporting more broadly?

As I read coverage about the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary I am struck by how much the media is pining for a decisive victory that will establish the playing cards for the election in November. The whole point of the candidate selection process is to build support for a candidate that will ultimately be the party candidate following each party’s convention later this year.

The primaries are not the general election; the media shouldn’t be reporting on them as if it were the election. The idea that Iowa or New Hampshire alone will select a candidate is ludicrous on it’s face, and worse, the promotion of such an ideal by media sources hurts American democracy.

As I look forward to the 2008 U.S. presidential election I feel confident in predicting that bloggers will play a surprising role. Rather than just doing the spin cycle for the PR machines every candidate has, bloggers will be vital for the kind of granular reporting of events, speeches, and facts that our media should be playing the critical role in. As I look back over the last 6 months, this has certainly been the case.

It is the Nobody Knows election. Nobody knows which candidates will end up representing the two main parties, nobody knows exactly when the parties will choose them, and nobody knows which issues will decide the eventual contest.

[From BBC NEWS | Americas | The ‘Nobody Knows’ US election]

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