Email And Cellphone Contacts Are The Real Social Graph

Scott echoes a point I made just a few days ago in my predictions post… email is the ultimate social network but the lack of contact granularity makes it problematic as a social network. I also think that just trying to mimic Facebook feeds through an email UI introduces more problems than benefits. By way of background on this, here’s an interesting post that goes into some detail about what is happening to Gmail.

Not everyone I get email from or send to is a “friend”.

I don’t want more email to inform me of what my email friends are doing.

Email is one-to-one or one-to-many, does making it many-to-many break it?

Google has been quietly rolling out social features across all of its services based on Gmail contacts. While Google still has to overcome some of its social tone-deafness (e.g. automatically adding contacts without asking), this move makes perfect sense. For people over 30 (and probably even over 25) email IS the social graph.

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2 thoughts on Email And Cellphone Contacts Are The Real Social Graph

  1. Remember your phone has become your TV Set, camera, email device, project management tool, IM device, camera phone and more. I’m a committed BlackBerry and 123 Together push email user ( – good reference to support my point). I won’t ever go back to getting emails from a lap top that I have to drag around town. I WANT MORE because that means more business social networking and ultimately income for me. Needed to make that rant….

  2. I agree 100% with your prediction. Several other people have been talking about Yahoo and other big boys embracing email as the future of social networks.

    You have the millions of Internet users who have not embraced everything 2.0, yet they have embraced email.

    Email is the way to reach this next wave of users and continue building out the ultimate social network interface.

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