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Okay, I have not done this in a couple of weeks but seeing as how I have a brand new copy of a book on Zimbra admnistration, and I don’t use Zimbra, well hopefully it will fall into the hands of someone who can take advantage of this fine publication. One final note, when I browsed through it I was impressed by the apparent simplicity (the good kind of simplicity) of the server, and indeed the book itself isn’t one of those 500 page 8 point font tomes honoring Microsoft complexity.

First person to comment gets the book, and as always, sorry no international shipments. Also, given the Christmas rush at the USPS, I may opt to wait a week to send it to you… unless you desperately need to manage your Zimbra server now.

“Zimbra: Implement, Administer, Manage” (Marty Resnick)

7 thoughts on Book Giveaway

  1. Hey there. We just ditched IMAIL for Zimbra at our organization Palo Alto Software.

    We could use the book for our new Zimbra deployment.

  2. wow, it’s a dead heat… but Kin’s comment did post first.

    Saurabh, let me contact the publisher and see what I can do to get another copy.

  3. Or just send your info to Jeff, with permission to forward it via email to me… whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  4. Hey, Jeff.

    I use Swaptree ( for trading books like this. It works great, I’ve gotten pretty much all of the biz/tech books I’ve wanted (and I trade them after I’m done reading them). Also used it to get a few “classic” DVD’s.

    Anyway, check it out.


  5. Thanks Rick.

    I’m always surprised by how many books I get unsolicited, sent by publishers. Almost every book I have given away in recent months was one sent to me by a book publicist.

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