Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Part 1324.6

NYTime columnist Tom Friedman has certainly recast himself as voice and conscience of climate change while in Bali over the last couple of weeks; I wonder how this sits with his 11,000 square foot living accommodations. One more time, when the people who are telling me this is a crisis start ACTING like it’s a crisis, then I will too.

The property is listed on the tax rolls for [well over $9,000,000]. It makes me feel better that those who preach environmentalism practice such a modest intrusion on the environment itself. [From Power Line: Notes on Tom Friedman’s carbon footprint]

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2 thoughts on Do As I Say, Not As I Do. Part 1324.6

  1. the worst thing is how they've made global warming into some type of a fashion issue, with the rock concerts and all. so now you have millions of idiots supporting global warming because it's hip and cool. we'll see how hip and cool it is when the global carbon tax comes.

  2. An argument could be made that the awareness that the fashion aspect has raised is good, but what I find really disturbing is the quick fix mentality.

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