Amazon World Domination Can Now Begin

AWS filled a major gap in their offering with the addition of SimpleDB. Two things jumped out at me, the first being that it’s optimized for very large datasets and the second, more important as well, observation is that it’s designed around search indexes instead of schemas.

There’s a lot more to be said about SimpleDB, most of it beyond my technical capabilities but it is safe to say that just as was the case when AWS first launched, the impact it would have was underestimated at the time.

Well after being under NDA for so long, I’m glad to be able to say that Amazon SimpleDB has gone into limited beta. Congratulations to everyone on the SDS / SimpleDB team; their several years of work on SimpleDB (formerly called SDS) is a brilliant piece of engineering. [From inside looking out » What You Need To Know About Amazon SimpleDB]

1 thought on Amazon World Domination Can Now Begin

  1. To some extent, (the platform element of has offered similar functionality for quite some time.

    One key piece that is needed (if not present already) is an “account cap” as a protection against overbilling – kinda like the way you can cap your kids mobile phone/text usage.

    That way, if you leave open a URL that a bot could exploit (or even a search engine might inadvertently probe), you aren’t racking up charges.

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