Sun Spot Primer

Interesting article on sun spots, how they work and the historical impact on climate.

Today’s climate change consensus is that man-made greenhouse gases are warming the world and that we must act to curb them to reduce the projected temperature increase estimated at probably between 1.8C and 4.0C by the century’s end. But throughout the 20th century, solar cycles had been increasing in strength. Almost everyone agrees that throughout most of the last century the solar influence was significant. Studies show that by the end of the 20th century the Sun’s activity may have been at its highest for more than 8,000 years. Other solar parameters have been changing as well, such as the magnetic field the Sun sheds, which has almost doubled in the past century. But then things turned. In only the past decade or so the Sun has started a decline in activity, and the lateness of cycle 24 is an indicator. [From Ray of hope: Can the sun save us from global warming? – Independent Online Edition > Science & Tech]

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Netvibes Ginger Release

Netvibes previewed their Ginger release and it looks to be impressive. I particularly like the social aspect but wonder, given the fact that this is being done everywhere, how many of these social networks the average user will have appetite for. At any rate, let’s hope this Ginger does better than the last Ginger.

This is a new feature that will be very popular amongst netvibes users. Now you can archive and tag as favorite any content or any widgets for yourself or with your friends. Want to save this article or share this cool photo or vidéo? You can do it in just one click. [From ginger: the first preview – Blog]