Tesla ousts co-founder Eberhard

There’s no Christmas cheer over at Tesla Motors this week, it’s rare that to see things become this public.

On a related note, and in the interests of full disclosure I don’t have any confirmation of this, but I heard the delay in delivering the cars had to do not only with the additional engineering for government safety approval and some reliability issues, but also that they had some serious supply chain issues that were making it impossible to get the components required to build the cars. Something about not locking in the contracts to deliver the components.

Having said that, I see the demo cars shooting down Old County Road in San Carlos all the time. I’d buy one.

“I am no longer with Tesla Motors – neither on its board of directors nor an employee of any sort.” Additional comments included: “I’m not at all happy with the way I was treated” and “Silicon Valley has given us many examples of fast-growing start-up companies that managed to find a home for its founders even as new management teams were brought in.” [From San Jose Mercury News – Tesla ousts co-founder Eberhard]

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  2. Do I sense a future collaboration with Shai’s new gig taking shape?

    I almost bought (or should I say, ordered – still not shipping) a Tesla last year, but the ridiculous additional charges if you weren’t located in one of their dealership markets (an extra 8-10K) made me greatly question the projected reliability.

    The parameters behind the Tesla are spectacular, but the execution thus far is suspect. Sorta reminds me of the infamous Moller flying car (OK, not quite that bad). Not surprised that there have been some big shakeups. Too many more delays, and even the big automakers will have closed the gap…

    By the way, if you want to check out a low volume exotic at the other end of the “green” spectrum, check out http://www.rossioncars.com.

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