Monday Night Blog Picks – eHub

I ran out of books to give away, so until I can build up the inventory I’m gonna shift gears and post about some blogs that I have come to enjoy over the years.

Starting out the series is Emily Chang’s eHub. This has been a favorite of mine for years, not only is there a lot of rich content but it’s presented nicely and with a lot of depth. This is one of those blogs that I prefer to read by going to it, there’s more context than is presented through the RSS feed.

Emily could easily call the main feature “140 reviews” because she rarely breaks the 140 character limit in her quick reviews, and I like that. In addition to making me aware of new services, Emily writes feature pieces and also hosts interviews with companies.

The interviews are particularly interesting because she interviews the company as opposed to someone at the company. You will have to read them to get the gist of the interaction, but it’s more interesting than the “interview the CEO” format.

I don’t know much about Emily Chang, don’t think I have ever met her, but I really enjoy her site.

Open Work Spaces

There are two factors at work here, the first being expensive commercial real estate is forcing companies to rethink how they utilize the space they have, but more significantly, people have less stuff.

While I may be atypical, I would wager that not by much. My “office kit” consists of my laptop, my mobile phone, a file folder that I keep my expenses in, and a notebook to scribble in. I have gone completely bedouin. And with wireless networking all I need is power and I have a workspace. While there is a credible argument to be made that open workspaces encourage disruptions, the evidence is mounting that people like them.

Like other valley stalwarts, including Intel and Sun Microsystems, Cisco is casting aside the cubicle culture that has thrived in the United States since the late 1960s. In its place, the company is embracing a new workplace design that saves space and money, and encourages collaboration among co-workers. [From San Jose Mercury News – Out of the box: Valley companies dump cubicles for open office spaces]

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No a la Reforma Constitucional

There’s hope for Venezuela, Chavez’s lust for power has been stopped at least temporarily with his attempt to impose a constitutional dictatorship, which failed by 2%.

The AP has a good piece on the comments by Chavez, and there is no word on whether or not Jimmah Carter is going to run down there and certify the results, although considering the socialists lost I doubt Carter is interested.

With November inflation at 4%, Venezuela will still have to deal with the consequences of Chavez’s disastrous economic policies, dubbed “21st century socialism” which not surprisingly looks a lot like 20th century socialism.

Over in Russia, Vladimir Putin’s party enjoyed a landslide victory in parliamentary elections, riding a wave of nationalism and the benefits of oil and gas driven economic prosperity. No need for Carter to book a flight to Moscow, with opposition party harassment and Kremlin controlled broadcast networks laying on the propaganda thickly, we can be certain the votes reflect a genuine win for Putin. The tsars are back in mother Russia.