Integration in the Browser

“Want some recent news on your next call’s business and competitors? With this script installed, we’ll automatically add search links to Hoovers, Google News, Yahoo News, Technorati, YouTube and Wikipedia on your Account pages in The query words for your account’s company name are built into the links.”

This is pretty cool, a Greasemonkey script that runs on top of your account page. I’d like to write something insightful about this but I’ve been talking and writing about integration and extension moving to the edge for a long time.

Ecto Beta!

Ecto is without question the best offline blogging tool available on the Mac, and after a long wait the v3 beta was made available last month. I’ve tried a lot of these tools and Ecto offers the best combination of power features, ease of use, and productive points of integration (e.g. the Amazon helper).

I was hoping for a better method for handling tags; I don’t like the way the UI adds new tags and selections, would much prefer a dialog box that I could pop up and add the tags into manually. The media handling options are still best in class and that alone makes this a must have tool for bloggers who like to use offline editors.

One interesting note, the most prolific blogger/journalist I know is Dan Farber and he doesn’t use an offline editor, he uses WordPress’ online editor, so while offline tools do provide a lot of nice features they don’t provide much more than what you will get online. I’ve also seen a number of long time bloggers who use textpad and insert HTML tags manually, which further supports the notion that online/offline/dedicated/general purpose tool decisions are ultimately just personal preference.

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