Dictators Unite!

Am I the only one that has noticed the level of hand wringing and condemnation over Pakistan’s repression of democracy activists this week is getting a lot more airtime than the identical events happening in Venezuela right now? Oh yeah, the same thing is going on in Georgia (country, not the state) as well.

Maybe Musharraf should start wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, the media might back off the pressure. There’s a real inequity about the way some dictator’s are treated in MSM coverage these days.

The world page from the NYTimes today didn’t even mention the demonstrations going on in Venezuela and the story on Georgia almost made it sound like there was a bad flood or something.


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2 thoughts on Dictators Unite!

  1. Jeff,

    Fortunately, Venezuela is not a nuclear power and Pakistan is. Venezuela doesn’t share borders with Iran, Afghanistan, India and China, Pakistan does. Venezuela is not in conflict with 2 of it’s neighbors, Pakistan is. Venezuela is not in danger of breaking up and exploding into complete chaos, Pakistan is. I wouldn’t blame the media for this. They are fundamentally different stories with different level of strategic importance. BTW, the BBC, NY Times, and the AP RSS feeds had the Venezuela situation as the top 5 stories this week.

    I am very concerned about Pakistan. I hope that they can lower the temperature and make the transition into a democratic society that the people of Pakistan deserve – not to mention that it will bring down tensions in a critical part of the world.

  2. Venezuela is aligned with Iran, representing energy threat as well as nuclear. Georgia may be nuclear, USSR assets still unaccounted for.

    Venezuela is disrupting normally democratic countries in south america.

    Pakistan is a strong U.S. ally in the GWOT and Pres. Bush has supported Musharraf… maybe that’s coloring the media coverage more than the story dimensions.

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