Leopard Pricing Thoughts

But first, I learned more about Leopard from Siracusa’s awesome review than from anything Apple put out…

I had an interesting conversation with myself in the Apple store while pondering buying an indivdual license or a family pack for $75 more (we have 3 Macs). My first thought was whether or not Apple is enforcing the licensing, so I walked over to the other side of the store and googled on it, finding Gruber’s post on Daring Fireball where I learned that the licensing isn’t enforced by the hardware.

So there I am in the middle of the Apple store in SF with a single license in one hand and a family pack in the other. Even though Apple will surely would not miss the extra $75 from my wallet, I bought the family pack. The thing is that I basically feel like I get a lot from Apple’s software so the idea of paying $200 for 5 Leopard licenses seemed fair to me.

I would like to say that I bought the family pack for my 3 computers because I’m an honest person yada yada yada, but the truth is that I simply feel that $200 for 5 Leopard licenses is really fair, even if I’m only using 3 of them. I get alot out of my experience with Apple, their apps are good and I use them everyday (indeed, I shit-canned Entourage and went back to iCal, Apple Mail, and Address Book).

Counter that to my recent purchase of Windows XP where I was pissed off about forking over $200 for a single license of a 5 year old operating system that has crappy included applications that I wouldn’t use. If the decision were about Vista vs. Leopard, you bet I’d take the single license instead of the family pack upsell.

It’s actually a conflict for me because it reveals a selective application of morals that I’m not really comfortable with.

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