I’m Done With Firefox

I’m really frustrated with Firefox on the Mac, it’s such a pig of an app and even after near universal experience with crashes and memory leakage, the developers just don’t seem interested in fixing it. Leopard doesn’t improve matters


“Aas goes on to say that Mozilla has reports of other problems that it has yet to confirm, including crashes resulting from certain uncommon UI interactions. Mozilla plans to resolve all of these issues in Firefox, but in the mean time Firefox on Leopard could be less than ideal for some people.”

I’m done with Firefox. While the Camino browser is a lot better, in fact I really like it, I’m making a clean break and heading for Opera territory. Unlike the time I tried to give up Google for a month in favor of Ask (I made it about 10 days) this time it’s serious, I’m done with Firefox for good.

I’ll miss some some of the extensions a lot, like Foxmarks, Stylish, and Google Notebook, but I’m not looking back.

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8 thoughts on I’m Done With Firefox

  1. which has some nice improvements in Leopard (although I’m still trying to figure out how that clipping feature is useful).

  2. And I thought I was the only one who hated firefox for mac. Safari really does most everything I need and isn’t nearly as buggy.

    Firefox even screws up the Google home page on occasion (at least on my machine). Not sure why, and I don’t care – Safari does it right every time.

  3. If you aren’t willing to go Camino either, I’d suggest IE 6.0 on Parallels. Ultrafast (unlike 7.0) and works on every site out there.

  4. Jeff, I’m with you. I ditched Firefox a few months back for Safari 3.0 Beta. Safari on Leopard screams. Once Apple allow bookmark syncing with a Windows version, I’ll be in 7th heaven.

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