New Gmail Interface

I have the new Gmail interface in my gmail account and I didn’t even notice it because it looks so much like the Super Clean greasemonkey script I have been running for at least a year. Having said that, the real enhancements are not obvious in the inbox, the Contacts page is completely overhauled and, I would hope, good enough to be a standalone service.

2 thoughts on New Gmail Interface

  1. The new interface is horrible when trying to send out an email to more than one person. For example, I type the first few letters of the first address, and, it auto-fills it from the contact list. That works perfectly. Now, when I go to add the next one, let’s say I send it to my friend Matt… I type M-A… and it picks up but it still leaves the MA that I typed in there, and it wedges it between the commas so that when I send the email I get a System Deliverable EVERY TIME. It does this for every email address I add too.

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