Did CrispyNews Get Acquired By Salesforce.com?

Crispynews is a great “create your own Digg” service that I tried to use for the Irregulars a while back. I gave it up because I just didn’t get enough traffic to make it work like I wanted (you need *a lot* of visitors and contributors to make these things work) but I still love the concept.

The guys behind CrispyNews created a sister service called CrispyIdeas. The concept was to leverage the wisdom of crowds concept for new product ideas and enhancement requests that software companies sort through while developing their product roadmaps.

Salesforce.com was the most prominent customer for CrispyIdeas, the service powered IdeaExchange. Not to be overlooked is the Dell IdeaStorm site, which generated more traffic than the Salesforce service even if being less well known.

It appears that Salesforce quietly acquired CrispyNews and has rebranded their offering as Salesforce.com Ideas. All of the crispynews.com urls now point to Salesforce…

UPDATE: okay, just got backchannel confirmation that they did get acquired, no additional details to report.

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