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"Facebook requires communicating, not advertising."

We can argue about the fact that communicating and advertising are kind of the same thing, but Charlene’s point is still valid. Advertisers have to move away from a broadcast mentality to an interactive model in order to be successful with Facebook.

Charlene provided some great demographics. There will be approximately 60 million users on FB by the end of 2007, of which 56% are women and 86% are caucasian. Charlene suggested that demographics should change rapidly over the next 18 months but I really wonder about that given the historical reality that social networks kind of entrench in a demographic as they mainstream.

In terms of recomendations to advertisers, Charlene recommended that advertisers plan for flexibility and be cognizant that the audience is fickle. What worked last year may not work this year.

There are some good slides on best practices.

  • Microsoft handles IAB standard ad sales
  • News feed ads insert target messages and have a 4-26% CTR
  • Facebook flyers give users self-service control
  • Target beyond demographics by tapping into the self-described profile data
  • Sponsored group with custom navigation and look-and-feel usually include a media buy to drive traffic

Couple of case studies to look at:

  1. Jeep has a Facebook group that basically treats the space like any other audience, there is little opportunity for interaction. The "Yes I own a Jeep Wrangler, and wave to other Wranglers" group is a user centric Jeep community started by enthusiasts with a high degree of community. Why couldn’t Jeep do something like that instead of pasting a big ad up and calling it a group?
  2. Victoria Secret has a group for their Pink product line, 380k members and great interactivity, downloads, user generated content.
  3. Ernst & Young is recruiting through Facebook and experiencing great results as a result of being connected with their candidates where they live.


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  4. Traditional advertising is one way communication (push) and that won’t work in a social environment- imagine having a friend who could pontificate in your face and you could not respond or interact, just listen. He or she would be off the invite list pretty quick.
    Social means interpersonal, an exchange that includes value received by both parties. The ad business still largely does not understand this.

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