SAP to Acquire Business Objects

SAP is acquiring Business Objects in a $6.8 billion deal. Interesting points to note:

1) BOBJ will operate as a separate entity within SAP. Smart, but I wonder how the sales relationship will evolve.

2) Doug Merritt (When Shai left his responsibilities were divided up largely between Doug and Jim Snabe) will join BOBJ and report to their CEO. Also smart but I wonder who will fill the considerable shoes that Doug is leaving behind.

This should be a good fit for both companies, the European background of BOBJ certainly makes it easier to understand for the SAP folks, and the products are a perfect fit together even though there is some overlap.

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Quote of the Week

"You can never predict what might be useful you just have to try and accept failure as not only a possibility but a useful outcome."
Dan McWeeney in a comment on a post about his TechEd demo