The Violence in Burma

At the risk of confusing Miss Teen South Carolina, I am going to continue to refer to Burma by that name as opposed to favored junta brand Myanmar. All jokes aside, the violence being perpetrated against unarmed civilians is horrifying, it is as bad as anything happening in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, and a thousand other thugocracies around the world. No 2nd Amendment in these places.

This website has a good roundup of the news trickling out of that country, one feature on the site I found interesting in the breakdown of what countries visitors were coming from. I would caution anyone from making judgements from the raw numbers without taking into account population stats, per capita internet access, and a bunch of other factors, but having said that, it is rather obvious that countries that censor and suppress information access to their citizenry have disproportionately low representation in this table (hint, look up China and Iran on this list).


When Local Backups Are Not Enough

Here’s one reason why online backups make a lot of sense, thiefs steal your computers and portable backup devices. The popular backup hard disks that many of us have (me included) only protect you from one kind of event, computer failure.

Speaking with Argentine broadcaster Todo Noticias, Coppola appealed to the bandits to return the small computer backup device, which was taken along with computers in the raid Wednesday night.

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