Apple Sued for iPhone Price Cut

I think someone should sue Apple not for the price cut but for maliciously disabling iPhones that don’t belong to them. At any rate, this lawsuit over the price cut seems pretty thin.

Among her many claims are that Apple unfairly deprived her of the chance to sell her early-bought iPhone at a profit, and that the $100 store credit Apple offered early buyers was inferior to the full refund they could have obtained if they decided they didn’t like the produce right away.


The Follies of King County

“It’s not that we didn’t take him seriously,” Deputy Rodney C. Chinnick said. “We don’t take every missing person report on adults. … If we did, we’d be doing nothing but going after missing person reports.”

This should make you feel safe and secure if you are in King County in Washington state. I heard an interview with the husband of the woman involved in this case, and an official from the Kings County sheriffs office. Tom Rider’s account of his interactions with authorities was devastating to the King County officials involved in this case. He highlighted the roadblocks he faced in his attempts to find his wife, first from jurisdictional red tape between agencies and later through nonsensical search warrant questions.

He offered the police access to the family’s cell phone account in order to triangulate the signal from his wife’s phone. The official, Bob Connor, was still insisting that they didn’t have a warrant for accessing the cell phone account, to which Rider interrupted him to again insist that they didn’t need a warrant because it was his account and he was giving them permission to access it. Verizon officials confirmed that such requests are routine.

Rider has every right to be indignant about the treatment he received at the hands of the police in King County, he clearly was making every attempt to find his wife after she didn’t return home from work, while the police were making every attempt to implicate Rider in her disappearance before attempting to find her.


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