!@#$()%^&#@#$% Firefox

Yesterday, among other things, I ranted about how my Firefox was grinding to a halt.

I don’t have the same problem that Berlind has cuz I’m on a Mac, but the root problem is the same regardless of whether you are on a Mac or Windows: Firefox’s memory leak. On average, every other day I have to force quit FF because is in spin cycle with too many tabs open and been open for too long.

I don’t understand why after all these years and the fact that the problem is so well known that it hasn’t been fixed yet.


4 thoughts on !@#$()%^&#@#$% Firefox

  1. I am actually using IE7 more and more. Would never have believed that 6 months ago, but this memory leak problem is real and highly annoying.

    If you’re on a PC, open up Windows task manager, go to the Processes tab, sort by Mem Usage, and watch the number go up while you’re doing nothing. arrggghhhhh

  2. Same as Jeff – PITA. I’ve had to ditch some add-ons and seem to have a fairly stable ‘version’ running now but yep, with 40+ tabs open and walking away for several hours = Force Quit. Grrrr.

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