!@#$()%^&#@#$% Firefox

Yesterday, among other things, I ranted about how my Firefox was grinding to a halt.

I don’t have the same problem that Berlind has cuz I’m on a Mac, but the root problem is the same regardless of whether you are on a Mac or Windows: Firefox’s memory leak. On average, every other day I have to force quit FF because is in spin cycle with too many tabs open and been open for too long.

I don’t understand why after all these years and the fact that the problem is so well known that it hasn’t been fixed yet.


Renkoo Revisited

I wrote a post a while back about my observations on a demo that Renkoo did at the Techdirt Greenhouse event. Basically, I took the provocative position that I didn’t understand what their business was. Fast forward to today and some things are getting clearer.

First and foremost, as evidenced by the fact that they have 3 million Facebook users it is clear that there is something there "there". Whether or not that can be converted into a self-sustaining business is another thing altogether, but I suspect that is entirely doable in their case.

If you look at the trajectory that social networks and modern media are on, there is a logical point of intersection that meets media’s objectives of providing richer and more interactive content, and consumer desires to take advantage of services, even advertiser sponsored ones, that provide some utility regardless of how thin it is.

The other interesting aspect is how so many of these startups are focused, whether they realize it or not, on fashion, travel and lifestyle categories. I sometimes wonder if the evolution of the Web is mimicking real life, first we focus on the essentials only later to devote the bulk of our energy to entertaining ourselves.

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Netvibes Universal Widget API

I’ve been hoping for a universal widget standard for some time now, continue to believe that it’s the only way to rationalize the multiple widget frameworks that are available and only serve to confuse the marketplace.

Netvibes has been working on their UWA for a while, we (NewsGator) are using it with success and see it as a highly viable offering in the broader market.

Netvibes Universal Widget API (UWA) enables developers to quickly build Universal Widgets in just a few lines of code. Universal Widgets are automatically distributed across the newly redesigned Netvibes Ecosystem, the Web’s largest community-driven directory of widgets and RSS feeds. Netvibes now offers its users more of the best widgets from top publishers and continues to work with content providers to help them rapidly promote and distribute their widgets. These strategic relationships enable Netvibes users to enjoy even more high quality widgets, as well as rate and share them with their friends.

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