SAP unveiled the long awaited A1S product today, now dubbed Business ByDesign (BBD, which is actually a pretty good name).

I didn’t go to the event in NYC but a number of bloggers did, furthering the widely held view that SAP continues to understand how to engage bloggers better than any other company in enterprise software, possibly even more broadly that enterprise software alone.

Here’s some links, there are many more so don’t hold it against me for not linking to everyone:

My good friend Steve Mann was part of the launch, here’s his post.

Jason Wood wrote several posts, his analytical skills have few peers so his posts are always good.

Dennis covers a fireside chat with Henning.

David Terrar posted a good blow-by-blow.

Nick Carr is skeptical… something new and different.

Zoli is calling BBD a game changer.

Josh Greenbaum calls it a very big deal, and I agree…

James Governor says the UI is a missed opportunity in an otherwise positive post.

Phil Wainewright notes that SAP actually did create something as opposed to relabel… and most importantly notes that SAP "gets SaaS" and to me that is a meaningful statement coming from Phil.

ZDNet has a full page of links to recent SAP stories, furthering the notion that the company’s outreach to bloggers is working.

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She’s Geeky

I just know there is a theme song out there for this conference…

She’s Geeky (http://www.shesgeeky.org)
A Women’s Tech (un)conference
October 22-23 in Mountain View, CA.

This event is designed to bring together women from a range of technology-focused disciplines who self identify as geeky. Our goal is to support skill exchange and learning between women working in diverse fields and to create a space for networking and to talk about issues faced by women in technology.

If you are a women coming or hope to come to the (un)conference, you could also talk about:
* what it means to you to be a geek?
* why you are excited about meeting with other women geeks?
* the skills you can offer others at the event
* the issues you hope we can talk about


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