Not a Good Car Day

This morning I notice that my tire is low on air, so I swing by a tire shop and the guy pulls the wheel off the car and tells me that my rim is bent, likely from a pothole, and by the way, the front wheel is bent too. Fortunately, they can take the wheels apart (they are 3 piece wheels) and straighten them out, but it’s still gonna cost me up to $300 a wheel and they have to send them out so it takes 3 days. So who in the road department do I call about this, huh?

Then later this afternoon I’m at the stoplight on Charleston Churchill Ave. at El Camino in Palo Alto and I’m jarred as the car behind me runs into me. Keep in mind that traffic at the light is dead stop and had been for a couple of minutes so it’s not like someone just drove up and ran into me.

I get out of the car and ask the 60-something lady why she ran into me… and she says “I didn’t run into you, you backed up into me”. Fortunately for me, a Stanford Sheriff was literally across the street writing a ticket at the time, and even he had a hard time believing that she actually gave that explanation for what happened.

Only after a second Palo Alto police office shows up and suggests to the woman that is almost certain that her foot slipped off the brake and she didn’t realize it given that my car has an automatic transmission does she acknowledge that maybe she did run into me.

Having said all that, and still being pissed about it, the PA policer officer and the Stanford deputy were both professional, courteous and sympathetic. I actually did laugh when explaining to the police officer that I was having a bad car day she told me it was her week for finding dead things… it was only Tuesday and she had already logged 5 dead squirrels, cats, and a raccoon. A little humor goes a long way in stressful situations.


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