QEDWiki Moving in on Mashups

I saw a demo of this today, impressive.

Through IBM’s enterprise mashup maker QEDWiki, Strikelron will provide its data and live data tools to make it easier for the development of mashups. Operating from a set of data widgets, these can be moved directly into the QEDWiki editor using drag’n’drop technology for faster implementation.

The other aspect of this that isn’t elaborated on is that IBM and ProgrammableWeb are taking advantage of OpenSearch to provide many of the benefits of UDDI without having UDDI. The idea is simple, QEDWiki is the OpenSearch client and ProgrammableWeb is the search service… if you are building anything in QEDWiki you can call a search to ProgrammableWeb and get widgets, APIs, and feeds, which can then be dropped into QEDWiki’s composition tool. ProgrammableWeb is serving as a directory and router, not a host, so you get the latest service the supplying vendor is making available.

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Increasing Risk to Improve Safety

I wrote about this a while back, hopefully it’s a trend… I’ve just about had it with the nanny state approach to protecting me.

The council of the western German town of Bohmte have decided to try dramatic measures to reduce the number of car accidents. Following the example of Drachten in the Netherlands, all traffic lights and stop signs will be removed from the downtown area.

Text a Food

This is great, once I figured out that I didn’t have to text the actual food… via Lemons’s Twitter Feed.

Text a food to 411511 & it will text you 3 wine pairing suggestions.

Facebook Conference on Social Graphs

This sounds like a really cool conference. I very much like the fact that it is being promoted through Facebook as a FB event, and the registration process is through a Facebook application. Aside from showing a commitment to Facebook itself, it’s a real world test case for the viral aspects… I found it through watching the frontpage feed and seeing some of my friends register for it. I think I’m gonna go.

Graphing Social Patterns is the premier conference covering Facebook business & technology issues. The conference is designed for both business executives & app developers who want to learn more about social networking platforms, applications, marketing, and strategy.

Conference speakers will include representatives from Facebook, O’Reilly, Charles River Ventures, Slide, Social Media, RockYou, ClearSpring, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, InsideFacebook, Altura Ventures, and many others.

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Managing People

There’s some really good advice in this post for web designers about managing clients, but interestingly enough I thought back to a recent experience hiring a Drupal design firm and found the advice here cuts both ways.

The continuing growth of Web 2.0 startups means designers can expect to be approached by a lot more clients with five-figure budgets who are virtual novices to the web design process. Without proper handling these clients can be extremely difficult to work with.

The thing to remember about this process is that the very nature of web design has changed dramatically over the years. What used to be focused mostly on the graphic design aspect has evolved to include a lot of custom coding. The amount of code in modern web design can be daunting, so when you hire a web designer it is really important to be clear about the coding requirements in addition to the design expectations. As is usually the case with contractor relationships the key to success is found in good communication before, during and after.

Typically you will end up hiring a couple of people to cover the different disciplines, as it’s pretty rare to get someone who is equally adept at both the design and coding aspects.

BTW, if you need someone for a Drupal projects, I’ll personally vouch for Kitt at CodingClan.


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