Do As I Say Edition

You can almost hear the exchange at the Vanity Fair editorial meeting. Junior art director: "What if we really make a green statement, and just drive Leo and Annie down to the San Diego Zoo in a Prius and take a polar-bear shot there?" Editorial green director: "What? No way! We need to fly the entire crew halfway around the world and back and spend at least a few days hacking around on that precious ice to get the perfect green shot I want! Now, call my secretary and get a limo; I’m late for my lunch at the Four Seasons."
Motor Trend Blog (via Instapundit)

Like the great majority of average people on this planet I am exhausted with all the global climate change hub-bub, as evidenced by the dismal TV ratings for Live Earth among other factors.

Mostly though I’m just tired of the hypocrisy of politicians and celebrities lecturing me about acting differently in order to protect their privileges. I’ll start acting like there is a global climate change crisis when the people that are telling me there is a crisis starting acting like it is a crisis.

Nodody "needs" a private jet (no matter how "in demand" your time is), a caravan of Suburbans following them down to the Starbucks and back, and multiple mansions that on their own consume more resources than entire city blocks… these are choices a select few are privileged to enjoy and the rest of us aspire to reach and the day the government steps in and tells me what I need and what I can and can’t buy then we will be witness to the unraveling of the American way of life.

Happy Labor Day, you’ve earned it.