I’m not a John McCain supporter but no one should underestimate the respect I have for this man. This video on his website tells an extraordinary story about an extraordinary man. I had no idea that he was on the flight deck of the Forestall during that terrible fire in 1967, and then amazingly transferred to another carrier despite injuries only to then be shot down over Hanoi. McCain’s mother seems like a real firecracker as well.

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Spitzer, Outrageous Even By NY Standards

When Eliot Spitzer was attorney general of New York I remember his comments about Hank Greenberg and Dick Grasso as some of the most outrageous I had ever heard from a state level official supposedly concerned about justice. If Spitzer were the DA in a county in North Carolina pursuing some lacrosse players he would surely have been disbarred by now.

While having no particular sympathy for either Greenberg or Grasso, Spitzer’s lust for power and pursuit of the governor’s mansion seemed so naked as to be almost embarrassing, but it was Spitzer flexibility about truth that was particularly offensive.

It appears that citizens of The Empire State are equally disenchanted with Spitzer, all the more ironic considering this comes as a result of a legal scandal involving abuse of power.

Even by the scandal-pocked history of New York politics, Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace is extraordinary. A mere seven months into his term after a landslide victory, the Empire State’s brash new governor is openly ridiculed as a liar and worse. An astonishing 80 percent of respondents tell pollsters they want the governor to testify under oath to prove his claim that he had nothing to do with "troopergate," a dirty-tricks plot to smear Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, a Republican rival.