Great Design – Color Changing Faucets

We’re planning some more remodeling at the casa, bathrooms this time around. As has been the case with previous projects, I obsess about every detail and in the case of bathrooms this is a problem because there are so many design and product decisions that have to be made, accomodating budget and space constraints while at the same time ensuring that the most important rooms in the house are both utilitarian and aesthetic.

While doing my research I found a product that really blew me away with it’s design elegance and fantastic new function that achieves a really important benefit, especially for homes with small children. The company is Hansa and the product is a collection of color changing faucets.

The Hansacanyon series of faucets feature embedded sensors and LED lighting that change the color of the water from blue to red as the temperature increases. This is great design that puts function first through the utilization of new technology for an important safety benefit, all the while achieving that while still looking great.

As a side note, I’ve looked into a lot of bathroom fixtures, lighting, furniture, and tiles in recent weeks and I have to say that without a doubt the most amazing products are coming from German companies, with the Italians clearly having a significant edge in tiling but that’s not a surprise.