Technorati and PodTech Lose Their CEO’s

Dave Sifry is stepping out of the CEO role at Technorati and John Furrier is stepping down at PodTech.

I don’t have any insightful comments about CEO’ship at either company, or really anything about the current status of either company. My comments are, perhaps, unique because I count both of these men as my friends, Dave going back to LinuxCare where my fund was, in a manner of speaking, an investor in the company (it’s a long story) and John from the earliest days of PodTech when it was just John and he was working out of Socialtext’s offices in Palo Alto.

Dave and John are part of a rare breed of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who successfully identify an emerging sector before almost everyone else, are able to convince an early group of like minded and technically gifted people to join them, and then raise money around a business and not just a cool technology. If it wasn’t for people like this, we wouldn’t be here today.

Through the changes that I’ve made in my own career, Dave and John were both supportive and always willing to help and I appreciated that immensely. In this business you make a lot of acquintances and a few friends… I’ve always valued the latter disproportionately.

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