UPDATE: I have written several followup posts detailing my Clear experience.

I coughed up $99 and joined Clear… retinal scanning…. cool. Clear security lanes will be available at SFO in September, already operating at San Jose Mineta.

Travelers who join the Clear Registered Traveler program are pre-screened for security and provided with a biometric card which allows them to pass through security faster, with more predictability and less hassle. Take the first step toward stress free travel and get your fast pass today.

UPDATE: I did the second half of the process today, getting my identification verified and my fingerprints and retinal scan done. All-in-all a pretty painless process but I did have to go to SFO and that’s always a PITA. The kiosk this is done with is pretty slick, it scanned in my passport and drivers license, then did my fingerprints and scored each one for, I guess, thoroughness of the scan, and then did two retinal scans (both eyes). It was a 10 minute process from start to finish. BTW, the SFO Clear lanes are opening on Sept. 6.

BTW, I saw on the list of upcoming airports that LGA is included.

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