The Most Valuable Spectrum on Earth

The 700mhz spectrum freed up by television broadcasters will partially be auctioned off next year and Google wants it. There is some great analysis of the rules and consequences elseware so I’ll spare my .02 cents.
My primary thought on the matter is that if the CTIA is so strenuously opposed to Google’s rule proposal, well then what Google is proposing must be good for me as a consumer.


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Consumerization of the Enterprise

When the WSJ writes a serious piece about how mainstream business users are taking advantage of consumer technologies at work, and then offers up a detailed 10 point guide to going around IT in order to do it, well you just know this is no longer limited to rogue early adopter users.

End of story? Not so fast. To find out whether it’s possible to get around the IT departments, we asked Web experts for some advice. Specifically, we asked them to find the top 10 secrets our IT departments don’t want us to know. How to surf to blocked sites without leaving any traces, for instance, or carry on instant-message chats without having to download software.

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