How Did This Happen?

We’re still wondering how venture investors such as Redpoint (which lost $25 million in this) and Highland (which lost $50 million) could have let this happen.

Matt is wondering how investors could have put so much into Amp’d only to see the remaining assets get auctioned off for a fraction of what was spent.

I have one word, Asera, which was valued at over $1 billion at their last round of financing, which just adds further weight to the idea that valuations in private financing events should never be considered a reliable measure of what a business is really worth.

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Bill Walsh, 1931-2007

Bill Walsh died today. If you grew up in the Bay Area in the 1980’s you grew up with Bill Walsh leading the dominant football team of the era… a team not of superstar free agents but of a team that won only 2 games in their first season. Who knew then that Walsh had assembled a team of future hall of famers.

Amazingly, Wikipedia is already updated and the news broke only about 90 minutes ago.

I’ll remember Walsh for something else altogether, he and his wife have over the years tirelessly given the use of their home in Atherton to the Vista Center (previously known as the Peninsula Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired) for an annual food and wine auction that raised a significant amount of the funding for the organization.

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BioDiesel at Home

Make biodiesel at home… I am not sure I would be too happy about any of my neighbors doing this because the process creates a very distinct and far traveling smell. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t worry about safety as diesel and it’s variants, like kerosene, are very stable.

The energy produced is better for the environment, producing up to 60% less CO2 than standard petrol, whilst being biodegradable. But we are not too sure having such units within homes is such a good idea in terms of safety; last time we checked fuel was quite flammable.


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