An Alternate Look at Platform Selection

It’s not often that you find such a remarkably well constructed discussion about making a platform selection that doesn’t actually have much to do with the technical aspects of the topic.

"While I’d love to make a recommendation for one of these sexier frameworks, ultimately I’m going to recommend PHP and WordPressMU in this particular case. I’ve talked about some of the strengths of Rails and Django and for somewhat peripheral issues I’ve discounted both (not to mention completely dismissed .NET for similar and worse issues). I’d like to talk about why I think building a social network application in WordPressMU and PHP makes sense and how I came to this conclusion, keeping in mind that you should be comparing this list primary against .NET’s offerings rather than the other two frameworks."

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Blog problems today

I noticed on several occasions that I have been getting "quota exceeded" error messages when trying to load this page… I don’t think it’s an issue related to traffic but rather something going on at Am looking into it, but the message usually resolves itself when the 60 second window passes.