Saturday Night Links

Winer suggests that comments get in the way of blogging… as for me, I don’t think my "carefully constructed" posts are necessarily any better than someone else’s ideas, even if represented as a comment. Seems to me that a blog without comments is, well, a web page.

Winer also thinks Feedburner is trouble… I tend to worry about threats when they materialize, as opposed to being, in this case, hypothetical. Plus, I like Feedburner and the team, they are straight shooters and have done well for their customers.

Should newspapers become local blog networks? Yeah, pretty much. Via techmeme.

Microsoft is talking about another version of Windows. Maybe they want to us to forget about Vista?

– BoingBoing is the top "favorited" blog on Technorati, but Engadget has higher authority… seems like those two benchmarks should move in sync.

One of the most niche events in motorsports was held today, Pikes Peak. This is some of the best racing video you will see anywhere.

– Speaking of automobiles, a JD Power survey revealed that new car buyer interest in hybrids is waning while interest in clean diesels is rising. Told you so.

– Harry Potter dies.

Nigerian schoolchildren are browsing porn on computers provided by aide agencies. Let’s look beyond the fact that children and pornography never go together, regardless of the relationship between the two, and ask a more pressing issue… are they also getting 419 scams?

Americans use twice as much toilet paper as Europeans… I’ll leave it to you to wonder why. Sheryl Crow is not happy.