Boeing Closer to Delivering a 787

"Even if tomorrow Airbus will get back to the business of competing vigorously, today is Boeing’s day — a day to celebrate the 787," Airbus co-CEO Louis Gallois said in a letter to McNerney.

Pretty classy way to react to a competitor, especially given that Airbus has had it’s clock cleaned several times over by the Dreamliner.

The Dreamliner case study is also an abject lesson that simply reacting to a competitor is not a strategy, Boeing could have followed Airbus into bigger and bigger super jumbos, which is what everyone in the media and pundit business was suggesting, but instead they focused on a broad set of customer requirements that were not entirely apparent to those who’s were busy telling Boeing what to do.

As was taught to me by someone I consider an expert in such matters, the best way to disrupt a competitors strategy is to restructure the environment in which the competitor operates in.

SF’s Architectural Centerpiece

The new Federal Building on Seventh and Mission in San Francisco is an amazing architectural achievement, one that not only pushes the design element but does so while achieving new heights for what it means to be green in modern office building design.

While there are complaints from workers, this is to be expected with any structure that pushes the envelope as far as this one does and none of the complaints that have been voiced do not have remedies. New buildings have quirks and kinks, it takes a few months to shake them out.

The other interesting story here is how the architect, Thomas Mayne, was only able to design this building because the Federal government is exempted from local zoning and design boards. In other words, if the Federal government had to enter the time capsule that San Francisco’s planning department lives in, well we would have had a building that looks exactly like the U.S. Court of Appeals across the street and built in 1905.

Of course, barring another Beaux-Arts style monstrosity, we could have the benefit of the other preoccupation SF’s planners hold, glass and steel, because well the world certainly needs another one of these.


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