Social Networks and Rabbits

"I can’t take many more social networks. These are worse than email and that’s just the “are you a friend?” requests."

Scoble hits the nail on the head with these two sentences. I was talking with a friend just last week and made a comment about there surely being a growing opportunity to develop a meta-social network that does nothing but aggregate, filter, and present the many social networks we all belong to.

It’s not just a Facebook and Myspace issue either, but Twitter and Pownce and Yahoo Groups and Google Groups and eventually everything else that enables a social dimension. Technology is scalable, my 1,440 minutes of attention per day is not.

In further thinking about it I realized that it’s not interoperability of the networks that is the big roadblock, but rather the interoperability of identity systems because in order for any third party app to present another application it has to impersonate the user by presenting credentials that the user enters.

Only being an identity groupie myself, as opposed to a full fledged expert, I’m ill-equipped to present and debate the technical issues at work here but I sure wish more people would, and do it beginning with "what this means…" so that modately technical people can grasp the significance of what is evolving to be a massive issue.

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