Big Sky Country

We were in Montana over the weekend, stayed at a friend’s guest lodge just outside of Whitefish. What a spectacular place, there’s really not much else one could add to that description that would do it justice. Unplugged and unwound.

This was the lake we stayed on, Little Bootjack. There was one house on this entire lake; at night (full moon) the only thing you can see are moonlit shadowed trees and the only thing you can hear is the wind through them.


This is the lodge we stayed in, it’s a classic timber framed house that had just been renovated (literally just finished on Friday when we arrived). One could really get used to this kind of tranquility but only in small doses for me.



Outsourcing Gone Wild

He wrote: "I met somebody the other day who told me that online networking was so important, and he didn’t have the time, he was paying somebody to be him online. To blog, network, post etc . £1,000 a month too.

I have to admit that after reading this BBC article about people hiring interns to do their blogging, social networks, and email for them, well I thought it sounded like a good idea. Having said that, I can reassure you that I do all my own blogging, email, and social network management… as evidenced by how poorly I manage it at times! I still owe some apologies for emails unreturned… Sramana, J.B., and many others.