In one window I have ustream.tv going with the carnival down at the Apple store in Palo Alto:

While on the television in my office I have Fox News running nonstop coverage of two (so far) car bombs discovered in downtown London.

Quite an odd moment really, one event large and overblown but destined to not be remembered this time next year, the other remote by Valley standards yet with reverberations that ring for years to come. One that plays to our worst fears, the other to our most optimistic imaginations.

UPDATE: Very tired this morning and in the process of cleaning out the spam that gets past Akismet I deleted a comment thinking it was spam because of the prolific use of the word “iPhone”. However it was not and I can’t undelete the comment so I’m putting the link up for your enjoyment.

Push vs. Pull Gradient

This is an interesting concept, but what caught my attention is the observation on how as technology evolves the individuals items on the gradient move along the axis as a consequence.

"Often technology helps us to organize the priorization, or to move a medium along the push/ pull axis… for instance, a tape recorder pushed the radio from push towards pull some decades ago (e.g. a tape you’re playing can handle interrupts – unlike radio, you can pause the tape during an incoming phone call). In the other direction, a website can turn into a blog to move a bit more towards push, and it can move further towards push when people use a feed reader to digest it."

I’m not sure if a product concept is being revealed or just thinking out loud. At any rate, I am finding myself wanting to have a "broker" for the various services and communication tools I use, but only if I can define the prioritization and rules, so the push vs. pull gradient is a good way to look at it.

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