Visit With Informatica

I was over at Informatica this afternoon talking with a couple of their guys about a wide range of topics… seriously, we covered everything from alternative fuels to third party enterprise software maintenance. What I really appreciated was that this was truly a conversation without agenda, the kind of experience that is rare these days.

As much as I enjoy online communities and interactions, there really is no substitute for a one-on-one meetup.

Informatica is a company that has an interesting history, beginning as the prototypical venture deal that was profitable when they went public on $13 million in venture capital (if memory serves me correctly).

Through the bubble this company almost imploded as they hired a bunch of enterprise software "veterans" who attempted to take the company into analytical applications from their core ETL roots. Why? Well becasue BI is sexy and that’s what everyone was moving into.

What happened as a consequence of that is that Informatica turned a stable of partners into a pack of competitors. This should serve as a case study for any company that is dependent on a partner driven sales model.

After that near death experience the company retrenched and revamped around integration offerings, since evolving a really interesting set of products around "integration in the cloud" for software as a service offerings. While we didn’t talk about products at length today, one of the "heh that’s pretty interesting" moments was when Steve told me about their offering for that enables customers to suck all of their SFdC data and store it offline.


iPhone Madness

The iPhone is almost here, the iPhone is almost here! I realize that we, as an industry, desperately need these events now that the launch of a new version of Windows no longer causes people to camp out overnight at Fry’s and Playstation extravaganzas leave unsold consoles on store shelves, but crikey this iPhone tug-o-hype is becoming pure madness.

I’ve vacilated between wanting one no matter what the cost and deciding that even if it were everything the fanboys and girls hope for, well I could still live without it.

The optimist in me hopes that this device is a smashing success because of the focus it will put on mobile apps and the competition will force other handset manufacturers to step up their respective games, plus Apple’s unique ability to make carriers dance will be fun to watch. However, there’s also this little voice in me that says that mobile phone can’t possibly be as good as so many people believe it will be.

I’m holding off for now, but who knows how I’ll feel later in the week. 


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