WeFi Free Wifi Finder

This is  cool, I’ve wondered for a long time why Jiwire didn’t do something to integrate their service more directly at the OS level in order to give their ad network more punch.

The WeFi client replaces the Windows connection manager and finds and connects to free WiFi hotspots. The location of free hotspots is displayed on a map that also shows the location of other WeFi users. The maps are regularly updated as users discover and connect to WiFi. This is delivered without changing or modifying access points, delivering a complementary service to other WiFi sharing initiatives such as fon.

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Middle East Thoughts

Been thinking about the civil war between the PLO and Hamas last week:

The PLO has a remarkable track record of military defeat, kind of makes one wonder why they keep trying.

Looters stole Arafats (undeserved) Nobel Peace Prize. Somehow that is just tragically symbolic considering that the inability of civil society to develop there has resulted in the continual looting of peace for 40 years (the Six Day War, and if you are interested in that event I would highly recomend you read Oren’s book on it).

– From the Extreme Hutzpah Department comes news that the PLO wants Israel to help them defeat Hamas. Yeah, I’m sure Iran would respond positively to that development…

– Lastly, Middle East watchers have been commenting about a two state solution for the Palestinians, looks like they finally got it, one state in the West Bank and the other in Gaza. As is often said, one needs to be careful for what they wish for as they just might get it.

Yes, I realize that this is way off my usual topics but it’s Sunday night, I’m bored, and I don’t have another blog to post this stuff to.

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